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Designed for frequent deep cycle discharge

EV (Electric Vehicle) series is specially designed for frequent deep cycle discharge. By using the specially designed active material and strong grids, the EV series sealed lead acid battery offers reliable performance in high load situations and can deliver more than 300 cycles at 100% DOD.

Suitable for mobility scooters, electric wheel chairs, golf buggies etc.


  • Voltage class: 6V/8V/12V
  • Capacity range: 10Ah-400Ah
  • Designed for light electric vehicle use
  • Patent EV deep cycle formula of active material
  • High performance AGM separator
  • Excellent cycle life and recovery performance in deep cycle use
  • Application: electric motorcycles, electric bikes, golf cars, wheelchairs, electric tractors, etc.

Nominal Voltage: 12VV
Ah 20hr: 45AH
Length: 198mm
Width: 166mm
Height: 169mm
Total Height: 169mm
Wet Weight: 14 Kg
Battery Type: Maintenance Free
Capacity Rating: C10/1.80VPC
Post Style: F11