Predator YTZ7S Maintenance Free AGM 1 YEAR WARRANTY Motorcycle Battery .

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Predator YTZ7S Maintenance Free AGM Motorcycle Battery 130 CCA 1Year

This Predator Battery is the perfect choice for your Motorbike

Predator AGM Motorcycle Battery

The predator AGM Powersport batteries are constructed with lead calcium alloy and absorbed glass mat technology to provide you with total maintenance-free operation. No Spills, no leaks, or water to check. This design will provide you with higer AMP hour capacity, longer cycle-life and greater durability. The absorbed glass mat (AGM) and through-the-wall (TTP) intercell connector technology delivers superior vibration resistance, even in the most extreme conditions.

Additional information
Dimensions 0113 × 0070 × 0105 mm
CCA 130
Ah 6
Voltage 12
Brand Predator