Predator Deep Cycle Battery GC12-DT1275-150 / US12VXC2 / DC12VXC / T1275

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The Predator GC12-DT1275-105 is an industrial deep cycle battery designed specifically for golf cart, scissor lift, floor scrubber and similar motive power applications.

This battery features enhanced SiO2 – PVC Nano Grade separators for maximum performance and durability.

The proprietary design caps are have been developed to minimise water loss during use.


Absorb Charge Voltage: 14.7-15V

Recommended Charge Current: 15A

Maximum Charge Current: 37.5A

Features & Benefits

• Thick plates for dimensional stability

• Optimised for high cycle motive applications

• Proprietary alloy and paste composition

• Cap design reduces water consumption

• High conductivity terminals

Technical Specifications

Battery Type Lead Antimony Deep Cycle

Voltage 12V

Capacity (20Hr / 5Hr) 150Ah / 120Ah

Reserve Capacity (25A) 280 minutes 

Reserve Capacity (56A) 102 minutes

Assembly Layout LH Positive [+ -]

Terminal Type DT – M8 (UTL)

Overall Size (LxWxH) 328 x 180 x 279.5mm

Case Size BCI GC12

Weight 35.7kg

Ledges None