Delkor N100 Commercial 750 CCA 100 AH BATTERY

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Delkor Commercial N100
Batteries built to work, for work. Delkor Commercial batteries are well-proven in all areas of heavy industry. Delkor Commercial batteries are manufactured using tough internal components and materials to provide superior power and performance in truck and bus. All Delkor Commercial batteries work harder to deliver longer life, less down time and greater efficiency.

Delkor Commercial N100 Specs
Model: N100
  • CCA: 750 A
  • AH(20HR): 100 Ah
  • RC: 185 Min
  • Post Type: STD
  • Polarity: L ( - , +)
  • Length: 406 mm
  • Width: 172 mm
  • Height: 231 mm

Key Benefits
Convenient maintenance-free battery, no topping up of fluid required
Increased durability with high-strength polypropylene case
Enhanced safety with heat-sealed covers and built-in spark arrestor
Designed for highest vibration resistance
Contains more active materials than standard flooded batteries
Features enhanced grid design for greater durability
Batteries labelled HD specifically designed and engineered for mining and heavy-duty applications
Anchor-bonding provides increased resistance to vibration