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Delkor Deep Cycle HDC31
Batteries built to power up every golf game. Give your golf cart a boost with the Delkor Deep Cycle battery. Powered to start golf cart engines, it keeps them running every day, through continuous running time. The Delkor Deep Cycle battery* is here to provide reliable electric power to the golf cart. So you can get to the game all charged up and ready to win.
Developed with thicker plates, these enduring lead-acid batteries offer a steadfast amount of current over an extended period of time. Perfect for your recreational golf cart vehicles.

Key Benefits
Convenient maintenance-free battery, no topping up of fluid required
Heavy-duty long-lasting design
Suitable for most vehicles
Resistant to stress from repeated cycling and vibration
Anchor-bonding provides increased resistance to vibration
Contains more active materials than standard flooded batteries

Delkor Deep Cycle HDC31 Specs
Model: HDC31
AH(20HR): 110 Ah
RC: 190 Min
Post Type: MARINE
Polarity: Centre
Length: 330 mm
Width: 172 mm
Height: 230 mm