Delkor Calcium 22NF330LS 12V 330 CCA 40AH 3 YEAR WARRANTY BATTERY

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Delkor Calcium 22NF-330LS

Unique lead/calcium alloy produces a heavy-duty wrought plate that is able to withstand the most arduous conditions. Suitable for the majority of consumer vehicles. Delkor Calcium range of battery offers extra starting power and provides consistently high performance for extended periods of time. Keeps your mind on the activities you need to attend to the day and enjoy a carefree road journey. Choose Delkor Calcium batteries for all vehicles with standard equipment without start-stop functionality.

Delkor Calcium 22NF-330LS Specs
Model: 22NF-330LS
CCA: 330 A
AH(20HR): 40 Ah
RC: 60 Min
Post Type: STD
Polarity: L ( - , +)
Length: 240 mm
Width: 132 mm
Height: 202 mm

Key Benefits
Preferential choice for all cars with conventional power requirements
Made to last longer
Convenient maintenance-free battery, no topping up of fluid required
Suitable for most vehicles
Batteries labelled HD specifically designed and engineered for mining and heavy-duty applications