AcDelco Premium S57220 / DIN65LH / S56838 / MF66H / DIN66HMF / 3664 Auto Battery 3Year Warranty.

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AcDelco Premium S57220 / DIN65LH / 457T / MF66H / DIN66HMF / 3664 Auto Battery 3Year Warranty.
ACDelcoS57220 72 AH SMF Battery has an extended shelf life, boosted with the revolutionary expanded calcium grids, that needs low maintenance. It is available with an in-built hydrometer that indicates the state of charge of the battery. The ACDelco S57220 battery exhibits a stout container design that gives it the thrust to run on any kinds of roads. The ACDelco 72 AH battery is tolerant to heat, that makes it ideal to be used for Indian cars that run on rough roads. The ACDelco SMF Battery is available with a rope handle that aids in installation and transportation. These batteries are manufactured following stringent quality measures. It is available in black shade and a warranty of 18 months.

  • CCA:680
  • RC:100
  • Positive Terminal: Right
  • Length: 278mm
  • Width:175mm
  • Height:190mm
  • Construction: Calcium
  • Terminal type: S/D
  • Battery Capacity:

These batteries from the acclaimed ACDelco brand are factory charged and require low upkeep. They are available with a capacity of 72AH.
Battery Design:
The ACDelcoS57220 72 AH SMF Battery is encased in a light weight, sturdy polypropylene case that enables the battery to withstand high impact. The AC Delco 12 volts battery contains a liquid gas separator area that allows the liquid to return to the reservoir for an extended life. It is available with a flame arrestor that helps to lower acid leakage, minimizes the entry of dust, and safeguards the battery from explosion from spark from an external source. It is available with a cover that is heat sealed which prevents electrolyte contamination and enhances case strength. The AC Delco battery has centered cast connector on plate strap that is stronger compared to the conventional gas-burned thinner connectors.
The ACDelco S57220 SMF Battery is powered with the cutting-edge Calcium Technology, that prolongs the shelf of the battery and it can operate to up to 12 months without being charged. The battery has envelope separators that have low resistance. The encased negative plates prevent fire breaking out between positive and the negative plates.

ACDelco S57220 SMF

  • 72 AH  
  • Capacity: 72 AH
  • Battery Type: SMF Battery
  • Color: Black
  • Voltage: 12 V
  • Warranty: 36 Month